Saturday, December 8, 2012

Stuffed Animal Project at KO

Here is a link to a stuffed animal donation organization.
Make a comment about your project.

Kingswood Oxford Residency

Below are some questions I asked at a presentation of my work at Kingswood Oxford.  Here is a link to the power point presentation.
I hope to have a conversation with you - the students about how these questions can lead to making art.  Please make comments to start a conversation.  I will be checking every couple of days.
Does art have to stay in a frame?
Is it ok to break the law?
Can art be in the everyday?
Is it ok to lie?
Is it ok to destroy things?
Can you alter public property?
Is it ok to do ridiculous things?
Can you farm with a bike?
Can we be at home in nature?
Can the world be your school?
Is it ok to panhandle?
Can you shape the future?